Andrew Colautti 


"I'm a fisherman and I came to Vanuatu to indulge my passion for the sea. I soon realised the country needed a venue where families could afford to dine on local produce with an emphasis on the freshest possible seafood. My team and I are proud of the Wahoo Bar and Restaurant. If I'm not around, I will be out fishing, catching the best seafood this country has to offer, especially for you."



Phone:  773 6232
Email:  info@wahoobar.com




We're open 7 days from 11.00AM 


We're open Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday evenings for early dinner. Arrive before 6.30pm


Chef & Barman

Lelepa Island

LANI (in the white hat) is my HEAD CHEF.  Lani is another keen fisherman and an expert at catching deep sea Poulet fish.  When he is not cooking fish to perfection, he is catching them. 

GEORGE (in the stripe shirt) is my HEAD BARMAN and he knows every drink that every Vanuatu local drinks. He generally has it sitting on the bar before you even take a seat. Come back a second time and, for sure, George will remember you!


Assitant Restaurant Manager

Tanilou Village


Just in case you were thinking the Wahoo is an all guys affair, think again!  The whole team depends on Meriam. Hard working and dependable Meriam is a vital member of the Wahoo team as well as being a very pleasant conversationalist, with a wealth of knowledge about this wonderful counrty.